Like desperate understudies surrounded by the fragments of a huge shattered glitter-ball, five performers present the musical Carousel barefoot, on a floor of over two hundred mirrors. Re-tracing the dance steps, singing at inappropriate moments, and taking the acting far too seriously, they play the kind of dangerous games that anyone would if they were waiting for a call that was never going to come.

Pared down to the bone, stripped to its essentials, round-about re-discovers ‘Carousel’ as an incisive and dynamic statement on contemporary life and the possibilities of theatre. Gone is the frivolous optimism, the excessive sentiment and the trappings of Americana – this kind of escapism is a serious business, and let no one forget it.

  • Niki Woods
  • Anna Wilson
  • Russell Armstrong
  • Mike Farrimond
  • Noel Byrne

Original soundtrack by Spencer Marsden

Directed by Neil Mackenzie

Supported by Arts Council England, Manchester Metropolitan University and Zion Arts Centre, Manchester

A video of round-about is available on the website. Article on Plane Performance by Jane Turner, published in New Theatre Quarterly.