North East

You’re in the first audience and you are shown onto stage and told who you are and where you were sat in the auditorium. Then the first half of the epic musical Nord Ost materialises around you, all the way up to the interval, when it stops.

Or you’re in the second audience that enters to your designated seat, but doesn’t quite understand who these people are on stage. They’re not performers. They shouldn’t be there.

And then the event begins, across the auditorium and the stage, which asks you to stand for some other people, or to sit in their chairs.

A performed response to the siege of the Dubrovka Theatre in 2002. For four performers and two audiences.

A collaboration between Neil Mackenzie, Mole Wetherell, Zoe Hammond and Ben Faulks.

Supported by greenroom, Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University.

Presented in 2005.