Disappearing Tonight at the Elite

Based on the novel Lanark by Alisdair Gray

It’s November in the Elite Café. The place where it all happens. Where all people who disappear go. Where they drink coffee, and dance, and pretend to float, and long to fly…

Albert Finch is a low-down fraud. A phoney of the worst kind. His right to exist is, let’s face it, questionable, and then to go and disappear with out so much as a ‘by your leave’…

Combining theatre, live music, dancing, bad magic, stunning effects and projected video films, Disappearing Tonight at the Elite loosely follows the story of a fictional character’s disappearance and arrival at the Elite Café, the place where all the people who disappear go. With walk on parts for Agatha Christie, Jeanette Tate, Lord Lucan and the wife of the captain of the Marie Celeste.

Performed by Tim Ingram, Fiona McEwan, Matt Brennan, Darren Gates, Kirsten Newberry, Abi Fewtrell, Stephanie Jukes, Clare Turrall-Clarke

Computer animation by Steve Bull

Film directed by John Forster

Original soundtrack by Simon Turner

Directed by Neil Mackenzie

Selected for National Review of Live Art, ICA, London

Supported by Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education


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